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Kickass training log.
With superpowers.
For pros.

Training logs have sucked for years. It's been an absolute pain to write. The data has been disconnected from training plans, results, diagnostics, or health data. Information has been spread across countless excel files or individual apps made for specific wearable devices.Getting holistic feedback and perspective on athletes’ performance in full context?
Nah, forget it.
While sport science findings and sports tech innovations have brought new dimensions to professional sport, training logs haven't evolved much beyond going from paper to excel.But hey, we've fixed it. We're building an AI-powered training log that is nothing like a training log. Yarmill is smart as hell 🔥, customized to your unique needs 💎 and sport specifics 🧜‍♀️, simple in design 🤌, lightning fast ⚡️and beautiful 😻 by default. Meet the evolution of the training log. Your success starts here.
You’ve never seen a training log do this.
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